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New offers possible

Perhaps most notably, the courts indicated, for the first time at least explicitly, that other offers for the exchange can be considered, a statement that may lead to more investor interest in Mt. Gox.

For example, a team involved with Chinese exchange OKCoin has expressed interest in buying the defunct exchange. However, it remains unclear if the group is still actively developing an offer.

Additionally, CoinLab may ultimately submit a formal offer to purchase Mt. Gox.

In court documents, the company suggested, but stopped short of saying outright, that it would seek to buy Mt. Gox, remarking:

“CoinLab offers a market efficiency to creditors because it can address disposition of its intellectual property rights in the exchange as well as market expertise. However, no process currently exists for competing overbids.”

Previous statements from Nobuaki Kobayashi, the Japanese bankruptcy official overseeing the case indicated earlier in the day that the Japanese courts – which will have final say on approving any measures – are not presently considering any investor proposals.